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Our modern lives are filled with stress that leads to having our bodies feel sluggish and low energy. Hitomi Shimada developed LYMPHSOUSHIN®, a signature lymph therapy method that helps fight the effects of daily stress while boosting your lymphatic system. A LYMPHSOUSHIN® therapy session will awaken your body and help you release toxins and waste to feel more energized, improve your blood circulation, and enhance your sleep.
Hitomi Shimada has been offering her signature lymphatic therapy sessions since 2005. She discovered the benefits of lymph therapy firsthand when she found herself feeling bloated and sluggish. After many doctor’s visits she decided to try Lymph massage and found the relief she was looking for. Soon after, she started training in lymphatic therapy because she wanted to share her experience with other women. Hitomi started practicing lymph therapy while living in Japan and she later moved to Honolulu. She continues to help women find balance and better health from her LYMPHSOUSHIN® Therapy Center currently based in Kakaako.

Three powers of LYMPHSOUSHIN®

Main flow of LYMPHSOUSHIN®

Step1 Counseling

We will give counseling before the session while asking about your usual lifestyle and physical condition.(Inside of 120 min)

Step2 Warm the body

Warm with Estee Mat.

Step3 Open the lymph nodes

Apply essence to the main lymph nodes and apply pressure to open them.

Step4 Lymphatic Soushin Therapy Massage

The whole is loosened and the lymph is drained.

Step5 Warm the body again

It warms up again to calm the flow throughout the body.


I will talk about precautions and aftercare.

* Please note that services and fees vary depending on the salon.