You deserve to feel strong, beautiful, and healthy. LYMPHSOUSHIN® is a Lymph therapy center located in the heart of Honolulu.
Our lymph therapy sessions & products give you an experience that will transform and improve how you feel.

Discover the benefits of Lymph Massage.

Our signature Lymph Massage session is a unique treatment method that uses 60 high-quality natural ingredients and techniques that are energizing and restorative. Each session improves the lymphatic system, helps your blood circulation, boosts your immune system, and allows your body to release stagnant toxins and waste. You’ll leave a session feeling beautiful, healthy, and refreshed.

Your body doesn’t need quick fixes.

LYMPHSOUSHIN® offers treatment sessions that give your body what it really needs: regular care & maintenance.
LYMPHSOUSHIN® treatment sessions are a head-to-toe body care service that will transform your mind and body.

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LYMPHSOUSHIN®, created from the perspective of oriental aesthetics, is a head-to-foot treatment.

Partner with us & bring something new to your salon!

LYMPHSOUSHIN® is a signature method for Lymph therapy services that will offer innovative body care/maintenance service to your customers. We love supporting existing beauty salons and spas by sharing our approach to lymph therapy and teaching you how to offer a service your customers will love. No matter the age and gender, we are confident that the LYMPHSOUSHIN® experience will result in a blissful time for your customers and will help the salon attract new customers.

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