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LYMPHSOUSHIN® is a signature method for Lymph therapy services that will offer innovative body care/maintenance service to your customers. We love supporting existing beauty salons and spas by sharing our approach to lymph therapy and teaching you how to offer a service your customers will love. No matter the age and gender, we are confident that the LYMPHSOUSHIN® experience will result in a blissful time for your customers and will help the salon attract new customers.

Benefits of offering LYMPHSOUSHIN® Therapy Sessions

1.You can acquire new customers & offer new services to existing customers.
2.LYMPHSOUSHIN® Original Products: our patented mat and essence will help therapists offer a great service without increasing the burden on the practitioner.
3.Increased Visits: Our lymph therapy sessions are not a spa treatment. Customers are encouraged to engage in regular therapy sessions for body care and maintenance. For this reason, you will see an increase in sales & revenue.

Therapist limited course (* Therapist is a Massage license holder and those who aim to become a therapist)